Faab Multi Channel is proud to have integrated with Pixmania.com. Merchants can now trade on 12 of the Pixmania site quickly and easily through www.FaabMultiChannel.comPixmania

Contact us today on +0044 1924 521 521 for the demo and see how easy it is to sell on Pixmania. Take advantage of Millions of visitors to Pixmania.com from across Europe.

Pixmania.com joins a family of European Marketplaces that FaabMultiChannel has integrated their system with.

Through Faab Multi Channel you can also manage other European marketplaces simultaneously such as Amazon, Ebay, and Play.com. You can manage Products, Inventories, Prices, Orders and much more across all the channels, saving you precious time and money.


Contact Kush Katbamna of Pixmania on +420 511 187 531 or email Kush – k.katbamna (@) pixvalley.com

If you don’t have Pixmania account, don’t worry.  Register today at Pixmania.com or contact Kush Katbamna